OWN Now is OWN Academy’s education innovation. We challenge conventional learning paradigms and create the most powerful learning environment for your child. Encouraging your child to take actions and gain experiences through four different tracks – OWN Summer, OWN Teen Club, OWN School, OWN After-School – catered to different interests and availabilities. We curate and design the highest quality learning experiences around Hong Kong for your child. Our goal is to help your child expand their horizons and learn new skills that will help them in any future career they choose.


OWN Academy’s proprietary formula – coming soon


OWN Teen Club – A membership club for teens with a mission to explore, investigate and learn together. Our goal is to build a community of like-minded teenagers who are curious, imaginative and thoughtful. Creating the most powerful learning environments around Hong Kong, OWN teen members will be able to develop and discover themselves through our weekly meet-ups. We will also learn from various industry leaders, work on projects together, attend curated workshops as well as play board games! This is a year-long program to nurture and mentor OWN teens to achieve their full potential. Develop 21st Century skills to unlock their talent and cultivate their passion through a unique portfolio of experiences. Starting September 2017. Every Saturday from 3 – 5 pm. Locations will be varied but mainly on Hong Kong Island. More details to come, mark your calendars now!

OWN School – An innovative education system in Hong Kong, providing personalized, decentralized and democratized education. We are piloting a Finnish education model in Hong Kong, with a focus on student-centric learning, project-based learning, travel-based learning, big-picture learning, reverse engineering learning and future-solutions driven learning. We have developed a framework of learning which focuses on the ages 12 – 15 to accelerate their growth within three years to prepare for an ever-changing world. We launched a pilot school with one student in February 2017 and will be ready to receive a cohort of 7 students starting September 2017. Application for OWN School is now open. Contact us if you are interested in being a part of the future of education.

OWN After-School – Focusing on honing skills needed for the future, we started entrepreneurship and filmmaking workshops. Entrepreneurship workshop is about understanding how people identify problems, create solutions and turn them into businesses. We will examine different business models and understand the unlimited possibilities in businesses. Filmmaking workshop is about the skill of storytelling and understanding how to become a quality video producer. We will create a monthly project to familiarize ourselves with the process of pre-production, production and post-production.


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